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April 8, 2012
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Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Zetro v2.8 (28.08.2014) by AnonymousGrafix Zetro v2.8 (28.08.2014) by AnonymousGrafix
Works best with foobar in portable mode
Extract the contents into your foobar installation
Install the included fonts found inside skins>Zetro>fonts
If prompted to select User Display, choose Columns UI
I've included a help folder inside skins>Zetro filled with useful information and more instructions

If you have been using other skins there might be a conflict with components if the previous skin did not use the proper "user-components" folder. In this case foobar will use the plugins inside the components folder  which might be outdated and cause errors with this skin. Remove the components folder and then reinstall foobar in portable mode. This will only perform an update and you will not lose playback stats

Upon first load foobar will take a few seconds to create an image cache for your library. This will only happen the first time

* Bug fix
+ New feature

+ New Maximize and restore button
+ (Playlists Manager) New playlist button and new style menu button
+ (Album and Artist playlist) Added more info to closed groups
+ (Songs playlist) Added more track info
* Updated lyrics3.dll
* Now loads to the "songs" playlist instead of the appearance tab
* (Album and Artist playlist) Realigned header info for open groups
* (Album and Artist info) Title and artist names should appear for online streams
* (Album, Artist and Songs playlists) Increased the scroll width to completely hide the scroll bar for all visual styles
* (Playlists Manager) Track count is now correctly aligned
* (Appearance) Improved graphics
* Script cleaning

Credit to:
hanulbi who's skin inspired and helped to understand some of the coding.
Brett for his help and ongoing contributions
thanhdat1710 for the wsh library panel
mark2k3 for various scripts

If you want credit for your image just say so
If you want an image removed you can say that too

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Reverie-Incubus Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
It says the import was aborted because some required panels are not installed.

I've always ran into troubles when installing custom skins... what now?
myndzero Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hi, I've noticed two things that annoy me or I'm just doing something wrong.

1. You cannot view all your songs while being on ANY playlist - Library is good and all but I would like to view them on a song by song basis, not an over-view of artists or however its set up. Now i can live and be fine with this if my second issue can be solved
2. There is NO WAY too add a song to a playlist. None. At all. I would like to be able to use my playlist that has all the music in it (well I'm forced to use that or it won't show the music how I want to see it) and be able to search the song, right click > add to playlist > chosen playlist. This does not exist, why? I don't see how anyone else is making specific playlists or yet alone why it would be so much more complicated than this. 
AnonymousGrafix Featured By Owner 1 day ago
It's the latter

You can just add all you songs to a single playlist and use the "songs" view.

While in a playlist you can simply go to one of the views(albums, artist, songs) and either drag and drop folders and/or songs into it or Menu button>File>Add..
myndzero Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I managed to find an option in settings that allows me to add a send to playlist button in utilities, which does what I was looking for, so It's all good now :)
Chibi-Dude-1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I love this skin a lot and i just spent the last day fixing up my library to look nice in it (art tags etc).  Everything's great, but I'm having an issue where double albums, albums with bonus discs or whatever are displaying properly in now playing view, but overlap "01 01 02 02 03 03 etc" in library view.  Library view doesnt seem to recognize embedded artwork either (again, playlist view does).  is there an easy way to fix the librar up? 
AnonymousGrafix Featured By Owner 1 day ago
That's because it's loading the songs and the playlist that are found in the folder, that annoys me too but I'm not sure how to change that behaviour.
hminhta Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
hello, is there a way to change the font color?
very nice theme btw :D
Absak Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Under albums tab, right click and press settings. Now go under the Field Definition tab and alter the TEXT.COLOUR : 255-255-255 to some other number.
l3raindead Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2014   General Artist
Nice theme ! Very good job
thejakeinator Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  New member
This theme is amazing, is there a version for a non-portable installation?
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